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The weekend August 26th-28th is marked with a big X on our calendar. This is the Raven’s Run where Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto communities merge into one big party of motorcycles, sandpit and friendship. We had a chat with Tony who’s in charge of the run. 

Tony, tell us more about the Raven’s Run
It’s an opportunity for friends and strangers from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and everywhere in between to come together to speak bad French, bad English and excellent Franglais around a camp fire, ride motorcycles, and have a great time.

You want to merge Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto communities. What the commun denominator for all these folks?
Raven’s Knoll is 340km from Montreal and 360km from Toronto. It is as close to the middle as we could make it. We all have friends that move to another city and I wanted to have a place where everyone can meet up with their friends that they might only see once or twice a year.

With the Raven’s Run, you connect the French and the English people. How is this working well?
We all have one thing in common and that’s motorcycles. We may not agree politically, socially, or even speak the same language, but at the end of the day we all like to ride motorcycles. Language is only the barrier we make it, through motorcycles I have made more friends and met more people that I can call on any time of day and know they will help if they can, all because we ride together, not because we speak the same language. It’s about building community and keeping it alive.

This is a motorcycle event. But some people might show up even if they don’t have bike. Is this okay?
Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, but it is a motorcycle run, so it’s highly recommended that you show up on a bike. That said, we know people have families, accidents, broken bikes, or are in between bikes so nobody is going to judge you for driving in a car, but you’ll have more fun on a bike. Leave your attitudes at home and come with a smile on your face and you’ll leave with an even bigger smile and new friends.

It’s your second Raven’s Run. What will be different this year?
I learned a lot from last year about what will work, and what won’t work with a group of people. I love riding, and if I need to wake up at 6 to go for a great ride, ill be there. Sometimes people get rowdy at night and aren’t ready for a long ride the next day. I split the day up into two rides to try to let people go at their own pace. One (100km) early in the morning, and one (200km) later in the afternoon. The longer ride is the big group ride and it goes on some pretty magnificent roads. It should take the group about three hours to complete with gas stops included and will be a great way to start off the rest of the night. This run is about getting in good rides and making new friends.

What is the schedule for Saturday?
There are two rides and then we will come back for some games and raffle prizes in the sand pit around a bonfire. It’s going to be a great time.

How much does it cost? Do we need to reserve?
Camping is $15 per night. There is no need to make a reservation unless you want a trailer or a cabin, if any are left. Show up, pitch a tent, and pay for your camping fees. There are grocery stores close by if you want to cook your own food, and the folks at Raven’s Knoll run a great cantina they call the YAG with some good campground meals. 

What to expect?
I can’t tell you all the secrets but expect some good times, and good people.

To conclude, what will make this second edition a real success?
If everyone goes home tired and happy then it was a success. Hopefully some good friendships can be started or rekindled while we’re at it. 

The event page
Any pictures posted from this and past runs are going to be at the Raven’s Run page where announcements for future runs will be made here.

Raven’s Run 2016
August 26-28 2016
Camping Raven’s Knoll


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