When Cath approached me to write down a short story about our trip to Brooklyn , I was ecstatic. I thought I’d be able to express, in a few descriptive words, what we’ve experienced during that trip.

I was wrong.
I don’t think I’ll find any words to describe riding down 1300km with some of your best friends, packing 4 bikes in a cheap motel room, watching your bud posing, playboy-style, on a sheepskin chopper seat, rolling through NYC with the skyline cutting the blue sky afar, ripping/lane-splitting through the streets of Manhattan and hugging your bros ‘cause you all know how crazy it was, stopping 8 bikes right in the heart of Time Square, wheelies in Brooklyn, bike surfing, falling while bike surfing then running next to the bike and miraculously saving it, shaking hand with the  devil in Bowery, sunset on the East River, ridiculous trikes, hundreds of choppers parked in the streets, pizza, more pizza, even more pizza, hauling ass on the way back…

I’m losing my breath here, but you got the spirit. If I was to recap, I’d say that:
“You don’t truly know someone until you lane-split the shit of Manhattan with them” 
I know Alexis’ and Phil’ pictures will transmit a lot better what we all experienced. But I’m sure of one thing, we’re all bummed it’s over now.

Simon, Tony, Dana, Alexis, Russ, Andrew, Steve, Jake and Phil.
Photos : Alexis Robitaille-Fortin and Philippe Carrier
Brooklyn 2016

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