Entrevue : Vanessa Boilard
Photos : Willy Phaneufsky

Le retour des Hypnophonics avait lieu le 6 septembre dernier au Turbo Haüs avec les Dirty Cheetah en première partie. Voici une entrevue avec le groupe réalisée en coulisse, en anglais, par notre collaboratrice Vanessa Boilard!

It’s been 7 years since your last show, are you feeling a little rusty?

David: I don’t think we’re very rusty. We have a great line up! Some new members! I think it’s gonna be an awesome show tonight. I mean, we’re obviously nervous. Me and Angus haven’t played at all in any other band in 7 years. I think we sound very good and we’ve been practicing a lot!
Angus: We’ve been practicing for like…
Colin: … a year?
Angus: Yeah! We’re taking it slow.

Your fans waited a long time to see you perform tonight! Was the process to get The Hypnophonics back on stage challenging?

David: It was a long one!
Angus: HAHA! It was supposed to be a 6 months break.
David: And 6 months ended up being 6 almost 7 years.
Angus: We went through a lot! We had other things to do…
David: 3 years ago, we started talking about playing again. We jammed with a lot of people over the years. It wasn’t easy to nail down musicians that were really into it. Then we got Colin over here who’s the most seasoned musician of all of us by far.

How do you think the addition of Colin from The Brains will influence the sound of The Hypnophonics?

David: It’s definitely a change and it’s awesome! It sounds really good. Every bass player we’ve ever played with sounds different, but Colin is without a doubt one of the best fucking psychobilly bass player around.
Angus: We had about 12 different members with The Hypnophonics since we started 13 years ago. That’s a lot! That’s like Spinal Tap numbers!

You guys are well known for your high energy live shows, can we expect any surprises on stage tonight?

Angus: I don’t know… I’m closer to forty now than I ever was. I was 31… I am now 38!
David: You’ll go nuts just like always!

Could you tell us more about the new members of the band?

David: Well Colin that we just spoke about.
Angus: We got Danny on drums!
David: Danny, I actually went to high school with. We’ve known each other for a long time. Since the early 90’s. He’s always been a good drummer. We used to jam a whole bunch when we were in high school in a punk band that me and his brother had.
Angus: What was your band called?
David: Double O Zero!
Everyone: HAHAHAHA!
David: AND we were awesome! We also got Bobby! That is actually a big change in the band. A second guitar player. My guitar playing has never been super technical. It’s cool to have a guy who is a much better guitar player than I am.
Angus: He got the best riffs!
David: It’s nice having two guitars in the band. I like it a lot! And then of course, bringing Colin in who is tight as hell on the bass. He has been touring with The Brains around the world for the past 8-9 years?
Colin: 10 years!

Your last tour across Canada was in 2011, can you share memories?

Angus: So we played this little town.
Colin: Was that the blood incident?
Angus: Flipper (from Gutter Demons) was our old bass player. One of his bass keys stuck in my forehead! For a second, I felt my scalp for the first time! I wiggled my fingers and toes and I got back on stage. As I turn around, everyone is cheering. The flashes started going on and I am like: YEAH, I love saskatoon! We actually played the rest of the show! There is a picture on Instagram @thehypnophonics and you can see me covered in blood.

That’s not stage blood. We never wanted to do anything like that. That’s full on real.  Afterwards, I am like: is there a doctor in here? And there WAS! He even had gloves in his bag! He checked my head and he was like: Naaa, you’re cool.
David: We sold so much merch on that tour, I wanted him to slip his head every night!

Can we expect new material from The Hypnophonics?

David: YEAH, we’re playing some new songs tonight!
Angus: And we also have new posters!

Who’s the artist behind the poster’s design?

Angus: That’s me! If you buy a White Rabbit poster, you get a free song!

What about the new t-shirt’s design?

Angus: Those we’re made by David.
David: I simply modified the poster of the show. We also recorded an EP that hopefully will be coming out soon. It’s all done! It sounds really good. It should be coming out this winter!

David, you directed Gutter Demon’s music video HELLRIDE in which we can follow the guys on their motorcycles around the city. That must have been challenging to shoot.
How was it?

David: It was me hanging out of a car window while somebody else was driving all around Mount Royal! It was tough to hold the camera. At one point, I was in the trunk of the car and I would just bounce with the camera in order to get a steady shot. It was challenging, but it was fun!

Can we expect a new music video for The Hypnophonics?

David: Yes! Whenever the EP gets closer to the release date, we’ll probably do one or 2 videos!

The Hypnophonics
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* The Hypnophonics seront au lancement de dernier album du groupe The Brains, le 31 décembre prochain au Turbo Haüs. Le genre de Jour de l’an qu’on n’oubliera pas… Tous les détails sur la page de l’événement Facebook The Brains / The Hypnophonics / Seb Black // NYE at Turbo Haüs.