« Live intentionally »

I read that sentence from an Airbnb post the other day.

Didn’t think much of it at first, just sounded like one of those generic motivational slogan the automotive industry has been trying to brand cars with for years. « Live intentionally with the brand new BMW blablabla”. But it stuck in my head for a little while, and suddenly, it all came back. It just made sense.

“It just made sense »

Not being carried along by life. Do what you do because you decide this is where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do.

Take something simple, and do it more. Make every decision you take be a step forward achieving that simple moment.

I broke my wrist skateboarding a few months back, and it made me so incredibly sad. How something I used to love doing so much could bring me such pain? I mean, I’ve been a skater for 10ish year now, it brought me punk rock, alternative cultures and fuck it, motorcycles. But at that very moment, it took away the riding, and the choice was easy.

Motorcycles bring me joy, I need to do more riding, skateboarding potentially can take away my riding, so I’ll stop the skateboarding. Easy sacrifice, intentional choice.

Right now, everything I do tends to ride motorcycles more.

I do it because it makes me deeply happy.

I do it intentionally.

I live intentionally.

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