We first heard of Original Garage Moto from their speciality motorcycle parts and we always wanted to learn more. Their upcoming movie, PROPAGANDA, was just the right excuse. Let’s go!

What is your first memory of being on a motorcycle?

Sam (Co-owner): I got introduced to motorcycles when I was 3 years old by my dad on a 69’ Mini Trail. From 4 Y-O to about 20 I kept riding & also racing dirt bikes. Ended up quitting racing because of injuries and going back to school to finish up my engineering degree in Montreal. It’s just been a part of me since the beginning!

AP (Co-owner): Got my first dirt-bike at 14 YO – A beat up kx125! Did not ride much since this thing was always broken haha That’s only when I actually moved in with Sam during our Degree in Mtl that I got a fresh H-Ds. From that point, Sam and I started to customize bikes and never stopped. That’s basically how we came up with the OG Idea. 

Taylor Lamothe

Original Garage Moto, present yourself!

We are a young Motorcycle product and apparel company focused on the V-Twin market. Our inspiration comes from the love we have for motorcycles mixed with the desire to innovate and create unique products. Our crew roots come from dirtbikes racing & custom bikes building. We do have a strong background in engineering that pushes us trying to create new stuff for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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This movie is in memory of Tyler Davidson, do you want to share something about him?

He was quiet, humble and his natural talent on a bike amazed everybody around him. He didn’t talk too much but his actions spoke for themselves. He was very calculated and analyzed everything before he’d set out to accomplish a task. We are blessed to have met shortly during this project with Tyler. He lived his life to the fullest while chasing this crazy dream that not too many people understand! It’s a battle and he was fighting through it like the rest of us riders and he will always be with us in spirit. Ride In Peace Tyler Davidson. 

Sequence Films

Propaganda is produced by Sequence Films, can you tell us more about how this project came together? 

The Sequence Films crew have always kept an interest in producing passion projects like this one. J.P. Veillet and Christian Martinez are childhood friends and producing a movie of this sort has always been a dream for them. But life got busy, Christian was on tour most of the year, timing was never proper to film a long length production. With Covid basically slowing down every industry and shows being canceled around the world, all those boys got together to pay tribute to the good old days when producing video content was more than a minute spark on Instagram.

Where can we see the movie, and WHEN??? 

The film will premiere in Montreal in the first week of August. We will be announcing it shortly.

Have you seen a change in the motorcycle world since the last 5 years?

The motorcycle trends keep changing while the community around it always shares the same good values. For us the Performance Harley scene & H-Ds stunt scene has just exploded over the past 2 years and keep growing with the Bagger GP series kicking this summer. That’s definitely where our focus is right now. We also keep our eyes on the electric motorcycles which are for sure coming up real soon.

Original Garage Moto

Future projects for Original Garage? 

The results of the hard work we put in the last few years is finally paying off! We expanded our product line, got a new shop and sold our product in more than 19 countries. 2021 will bring many challenges for us as we start working on Indians motorcycles and race inspired carbon fiber parts. We also just acquired better engineering tools like a 3D scanner and high end 3D printing device which help us stay ahead of the waves & trends. This off season will be packed with a bunch of new rad parts for sure! We are working hard to keep our Canadian brothers proud of having a Hard Parts company brand right here in Québec, Canada!


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