Shining a light on custom builders always has been in our core mission at Oneland. With the Roll the Bones Show upon us, we selected a few participants we wanted to speak with. Here is Hayley, aka Haylorization. Have fun kids!

What is your first memory of being on a motorcycle?

I have always been around them, I don’t really have a first. My aunt and uncle had a cool little shop in Toronto, I think that would be one of my first memories of motorcycles. I’m pretty sure seeing her at swap meets selling parts may have made an impact haha. 

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m Hayley! Born and raised in Toronto ended up in Peterborough but if you’re lookin’ for me I’m still in Toronto. I went to school for Computer Science and ended up wasting all of that money and choosing to run the parts department at a local motorcycle shop. I spend 8+ hours in a shop just so I can go home and spend 8+ hours in a shop. I make videos on the chopper builds, how to buy used parts and how to restore old chopper parts. I’m here to have fun, not take things seriously and poke fun at people who kick their bike over with their left leg way up in the air. 

Do you have a crazy road trip story to share with us?

There’s a bunch!! But I aint no snitch.  

Your favorite build so far? 

Hands down Big Bone my 1978 Honda CB750 I know and run that chop so well we’re basically the same person now, clapped out and loud. I picked that engine up for like $350 after fighting people off for it. Opened it up and slammed some Cycle X pistons and did an entire top end overhaul. This was all before I was documenting everything like I do now. There’s snippets of it here and there on my IG. 

That bike and I have gone through some funny shit, between reg/recs blowing up batteries under my ass to breaking springer front ends. It’s even got my tooth resin casted in the neck gusset haha.

Do you have a creative process when starting a new project or is it more “go with the flow”?

I actually start with the seat, and build the bike around that. I’ll take the idea and then draw it up on paper and change things as it goes. I stay the fuck off of Instagram while I’m building and keep it to a minimum  I stop talking to everyone, and I don’t go out, I start peeing in bottles and leaving them outside the shop door to make sure I don’t interrupt my creative flow and only when I’m done do I allow myself to see sunlight.


Have you seen a change in the motorcycle world since the last 5 years?

I wasn’t public about motorcycles all my life, it has only been the past 4 years that i decided to share it. If there is one thing that I love about the last 5 years in building is that parts have never been easier to get. It’s easier to connect with everyone and be with like minded people. I think that’s pretty cool, it’s also easier for people to share their opinions on your builds, even if they’ve never even touched a bike before. I love that. 

Future projects for you that you can share with us? 

I picked up a killer Panhead that I’ll be rebuilding on Tiktok for fun. I’ve got the transmission all pulled apart on my kitchen counter,  but you can see that chop getting built if you follow me. I’ll be building the frame from scratch and really just doing what I normally do, but on an unsuspecting Harley instead of a poor Honda or Yamaha haha. The Cb750 will always be ongoing, there’s so much I want to do with it all the time.   

Go see her at the Roll the Bones and bring her a beer or a funny road trip story, your call. 

That’s it for now!


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