Customizing your motorcycle has always been a key part of owning a bike. With the growing community of performance baggers, we had to talk about Daniel Rosen, founder of Proper Baggers. In a short span, he founded an amazing brand loved by everyone.

Thanks for sharing your story with us my friend!

Photos by Andy Vathis

What is your first memory of being on a motorcycle?

I grew up with a biker dad… I can remember my dad showing up to my mothers house in 1985 on a brand new softail. It was so badass I just remember black and chrome.

Proper Baggers, present yourself!

I have been riding for 10 years now. I have only owned Harleys, from Bobbers, to a Hardtail/Springer, Big Wheel Baggers and Cholo bikes. I got into performance baggers in late 2017. I picked up my road glide early 2018 and have been building it ever since. July 2018 I started the Proper Baggers instagram account and it took off right away. Back then having an inverted Ohlins front end on a bagger was big deal, so the page grew quickly. It was a small scene back then and everyone knew each other and was friends. Seeing the scene grow has been amazing and I have made friends all over the world, thanks to the page.

Photos by Andy Vathis

Can you tell us more about how performance enhances the fun we can have riding ?

I have always customized bikes, but usually that means making them ride worse! The best part of performance Harleys is every mod makes it ride better! Ripping on a 900 lbs bike keeping up with the sport bikes is incredible, only after the twisties I can put on my music and cruise home in comfort! Handling, braking, power and riding position is key, once you ride a dialled in Harley you will never go back.

Photos by Andy Vathis

Do you have a crazy road trip story to share with us?

In 2019 I did Daytona, Laconia and Sturgis. Each show I hung out and rode with different people I met through the page and had 1 great time after another. Just recently I was in Sturgis hanging out with 20 guys from all over the US, someone turned to me and said, « Daniel do you see what you did? Thanks to you everyone here is together and the best of friends. » That is amazing to me.

Photos by Andy Vathis

Your first advice when a new client comes in?

Bars, seat, suspension and brakes are key to a performance Harley. Power is not as important as people think. Having all the power in the world is useless if you can’t put it down, stop it or handle it.

Have you seen a change in the motorcycle world since the last 5 years?

When I started everyone hated my bike and said I turned my Harley into a Jap bike. Now it is the biggest trend in Harleys. I am happy to see people improving their bikes, getting on them to ride and wearing full face helmets. Trends come and go, but performance is not a trend and I think we have forever changed the way people ride Harleys.

Photos by Andy Vathis

Future projects for Proper Baggers? 

I just dropped a collaboration shirt with Dixxon Flannel Co that I am very proud of. More collab with brands coming up. I am excited for the next Harley Touring platform and I will be first in line to get on one and mod it!

I’d like to add a special shout out to my page sponsors:

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