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Micaela Wallace has just launched the Rebelle Moto project. We met her to ask some questions about this new project that follows the Women of Moto project of last year. Roadtrip across Canada, inspiring women and Rebelle Awards. A beautiful season is on the way for Rebelle Moto.

What is Rebelle Moto?

Rebelle Moto is all about women who share a love for two wheels and the open road. Our mission is to ride coast to coast, discovering grassroots stories of #womenwhoride and honoring influential women in our moto communities through the Rebelle Awards.

Why did you choose this name?

I wanted a name that showcased the rebellion that we all share, without losing our femininity and what it is to be a woman. Combining “Rebel” and “Belle” captures this perfectly; all women who ride have a little rebel and a little beauty in our own unique way.

Rebelle Moto Oneland

What is the essence of the project? Where did it all start?

I can say with confidence that I knew I wanted to do something in the moto community my first-year riding, about four years ago.  Riding a motorcycle changed my life, and I was certain I wanted to share this with other women and provide an opportunity to share the stories of others who had a similar response when they first experienced two wheels and the open road.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to tour Canada through my Women of Moto project, meeting women who ride, and connecting with some of the country’s most influential women in the moto community.  This year, I am at it again and will be riding Coast to Coast searching for women who ride and sharing their inspirational stories with you.

What are you hoping to do with Rebelle Moto? Any specific goals?

If what I am doing with Rebelle Moto touches just one woman and gives her the confidence to do something she thought she could never do, my heart will be full!

In addition to this goal, I am so excited to announce that we are launching the inaugural Rebelle Awards – designed to honor inspirational women who ride in the communities we visit this year.  We are giving out seven awards in total and are actively looking for nominations. If you have been inspired by a woman who rides; perhaps she helped you learn to ride, or stayed with you while your bike was broken on the side of the highway – or maybe she gave you the courage to start riding in the first place? Let us know! Nominations can be made via Instagram or on More details on how to nominate someone, and what communities we will be visiting can be found on our website.

Rebelle Moto Oneland

Women and motorcycles seems fairly more organized than men. Events, websites, blogs, Instagram, projects, it feels like you really stick together and really help each other supporting the female motorcycle scene. Am I wrong?

You are not wrong!  Women supporting women is at the core of Rebelle Moto, and you will find the same foundation in a lot of the women-led moto projects, businesses, brands and events.  I think by nature we stick together and want to see each other successful in our endeavors.

Take a look at for example – this brand is designed to support other women!  They give back to the community by giving 100% of the proceeds created through sales of their products to support others who are helping make a difference by pursuing their dreams, charities, events etc.  I am so excited that they support Rebelle Moto and am wholeheartedly inspired by what they are doing!

Rebelle Moto Oneland

How can we follow you and Rebelle and what to expect for this season?

You can follow Rebelle Moto at: IG @rebellemoto | | FB @rebellemoto2018

For this season, you can expect to be introduced to some of the most inspirational #womenwhoride in our community.  We kick off our 2018 tour on June 8th in Toronto, are hoping to attend Mamzelle Ride & Ramble in QC. We are hosting events in and Halifax, and attending @thebackroadball in Penobsquis, NB, @renegaderiot moto rally in BC, and we are crashing the Northbound Brodown in Prince Albert SK.  There is loads more to come, so please stay connected to our social channels for announcements.

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Photo : Randee Lee Armstrong

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